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You were not created to live an average, unfulfilled, mediocre life. God created you to make your mark in the world and to make a difference. There is hidden potential and purpose living on the inside of you. In her daring, awe-inspiring and capacity building book, BREAK FREE: Unlock Your God – Given Potential and Unleash Your Unstoppable, author and breakthrough strategist, Ashley Winston takes you on a journey from fear to faith. It’s time that we push beyond our pain and into the fullness of God’s promises. Filled with inspirational stories and practical advice, BREAK FREE challenges readers to increase their capacity to win in life.

Ashley’s encouraging message focuses on helping readers unleash their unstoppable by:

  • Embracing Their True Identity
  • Breaking Internal & External Barriers
  • Following God’s Plan Beyond Life’s Circumstances
  • Eliminating Excuses & Making Room For More
  • Achieving Optimal Results

For far too long potential has laid dormant in the lives of so many. It’s time we unite and rise above life’s challenges. BREAK FREE declares that your days of settling and self doubt are over and that you are unstoppable. Ashley’s message inspires us to show up, tell the truth and do the work: “Your life matters and the whole world is waiting on your breakthrough.”

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